Have you ever googled how to know if you drink too much alcohol? 

You aren’t an alcoholic, you know that.

But you do overindulge in alcohol from time to time.

Sometimes you drink too much.

Society tells us it’s totally normal to drink every night, especially at celebrations.

Everyone else seems to be drinking.

And so many new tasty drinks have come on to the market.

But you don’t like how you feel the next day.

You don’t want to feel fuzzy or unclear at work.

And you clicked on this page because you’re curious - sober curious as they say.

I totally understand.

I’ve been there myself.

You CAN drink only when you want to drink.

You CAN stop desiring your favorite alcoholic beverage.

It isn’t about willpower.

Or just thinking positive thoughts.

True change comes from processing your urges to drink.

And by making your prefrontal cortex the part of your brain in charge.

You can stop overdrinking.


I’ll guide you through a six-week program tailored to you where we’ll cover:

  • the result you actually want (from 10 drinks to 5? from 3 drinks to 1? giving it up completely?)

  • obstacles and strategies

  • what desire is and where it comes from

  • changing your judgment of yourself to curiosity

  • creating a drink plan with exceptions

  • planning for difficult situations

  • how to allow urges and unlearn desire

  • how to believe something we don’t yet believe

  • how to handle the discomfort


Are you ready? Let’s see if we’re a good fit together! Fill out this coaching application.