You know why you gain weight.


Your favorite snacks and treats just keep calling your name.

You tell yourself you should stop eating junk food.

It’s bad for your health.

You’re smart, you know all of this already.

But you just keep buying the food and giving into the urges.

You feel guilty and try to convince yourself to change month after month.

I get it because I’ve been there myself.

You CAN stop overeating.

You CAN stop desiring your favorite foods.

It isn’t about willpower or forcing yourself to never buy snacks again.

It also isn’t me telling you what you can and cannot eat.


True change comes from processing your urges and changing your thoughts.

And changing your thoughts into meaningful ones - not just a positive mindset all the time.

I have a six week program where I guide you through the steps of:

  • Deciding what exact result you want (no more sugar? have more energy? losing weight?).

  • Discussing the cause of overeating and how it relates to you

  • Creating your own food protocol

  • Learning how to allow urges and unlearn desire

  • Exception plans and joy eating

  • Planning for difficult situations

  • What to do when you have upsetting events in your life

  • Uncovering beliefs you may not even realize you have

  • How to allow discomfort throughout the weight loss process

Are you ready? Let’s see if we’re a good fit together in one free session: