You know why you gain weight.


If you’re being honest with yourself, it probably isn’t much of a surprise. You know that the things you put in your mouth often end up around your waist or hips and thighs. 

Your favorite snacks and treats just keep calling your name and you know, logically, that you shouldn’t succumb to their wily ways. You know that those salt-sugar-preservative-filled specimens of tastiness are bad for your health.

You’re smart. You know all of this already. You have the information. You understand how to read labels, count calories and exercise to burn off more than you take in. None of this is rocket science. And none of it is new to you.

But the unhealthy food filled with empty calories seems to have an uncanny ability to jump off of the shelf, right into your grocery cart. And from there, it’s almost impossible to resist the urge to eat it. Because you paid for it, it’s in your house—and you want it. Almost immediately that feeling of defeat sets in after you have given in to overeating. Heavy sigh.

Oh well, maybe you’ll start over next week.

Month after month, you repeat this vicious cycle of feeling guilty and vowing to do better. You give yourself a pep talk and convince yourself that you’ll make wiser choices the next time. You promise to create better habits and turn your life around.

But then, you don’t….

I get it. More than you know. I get it because I have been there myself. I’ve stood in the kitchen knowing that I should be opening the refrigerator to eat a nutritious salad but, somehow, I found myself at the pantry grabbing that salty bag of chips. And not stopping at a reasonable portion but eating the entire bag. You are certainly not alone.

Don’t despair. I’m here to tell you that you CAN stop overeating.

You CAN conquer those seemingly unconquerable cravings for your favorite foods.

You CAN win the battle against food addiction.

You CAN follow along the journey toward a healthier lifestyle of eating.

I’m living proof that it can be done.

You may have an overeating problem but I’m here to tell you that  the solution probably isn’t what you think.

(That’s why what you’ve already tried hasn’t worked.)

It isn’t about willpower or forcing yourself to never eat anything tasty again. It isn’t about having a positive mindset all the time. It isn’t about me giving you a list of all of the things you can and cannot eat and expecting you to never “cheat”.

Instead, it’s about change.

And true change comes from identifying your overeating pain and processing through your urges.

True change comes from re-routing your thoughts from those empty, rote habits into meaningful actions.

Because this process of thought change worked for me, I’m excited to share it with you as well.

It’s a six-week program where I will guide you through making decisions and help you to follow through several steps along the way.

The steps toward stopping your overeating and becoming healthy include:

·       Deciding what specific, personalized goals you want to achieve (cutting out sugar, gaining more energy or losing weight, for example)

·       Discussing the cause of your overeating and how it relates to your life—personally and specifically

·       Creating your own individualized food protocol

·       Learning how to allow for food urges and unlearn desire

·       Developing exception plans and embracing joy eating

·       Planning ahead for difficult situations (social eating, triggers, etc.)

·       Determining what to do when you have upsetting life events

·       Uncovering the false beliefs you may not even realize you have

·       Learning how to allow discomfort throughout the process of weight loss


Are you ready to go on this journey toward getting your life back from those deep, dark depths of overeating?

If you are, why don’t you let me help you along the way?

No judgment.

No strict one-size-fits-all regimens.

No special subscriptions.

Just you and me, making decisions that will benefit your life. You’ll feel great. You’ll look great.

Let’s see if we are a good fit together.

I would love to get to know you. If you are interested in coaching geared toward food addiction help, fill out this application form.

Why don’t you apply now? There’s no reason to wait.