How do I stop procrastinating and get things done? 

You view yourself as a productive adult.

You generally get things done. Eventually.

But you just can’t stop waiting until the last minute on some projects.

And there are some goals you never seem to make the time for in your life.

Maybe you want to write a book.

Or finish that home renovation project.

Maybe you want time at home at your family instead of working into the evenings.

I get it. I’ve been there myself.

You CAN stop procrastinating.

You CAN take control of your time.

It isn’t about one slick app or productivity tool.

I’m not going to make your schedule for you.

True change comes from getting to the root of the issue.


I’ll guide you through the process, week by week in a total six weeks.

We’ll touch on the following in the program:

  • what result you actually want to achieve in six weeks

  • obstacles plus and strategies and tips to stop procrastinating

  • why your circumstances are neutral

  • why you aren’t taking action

  • how to do a thought download

  • how to discover existing beliefs

  • creating feelings to fuel action

  • how to get comfortable with discomfort

  • proactivation instead of procrastination

Are you ready to stop procrastinating? Let’s see if we’re a good fit together: