How do I stop procrastinating and get things done? 

You’re an adult who generally manages to get things done…eventually. You view yourself as a productive member of society. You have a job and friends and a life.

You have the best of intentions and you even get excited about the projects that are coming down the pike. But somehow you just can’t seem to keep from waiting until the last minute on certain things. And then there are those dreams and goals that you never can seem to make time for in your life.

You’ve been around those people who are so well organized and just seem to be able to get things done naturally. They turn projects in—not just on time but early! And you want to be like them.

Instead, you seem to find all kinds of other very-important-things-to-do while you place that big project on the back burner for later. Then, when the deadline arrives, you find yourself frantic and frazzled, stressing over whether or not you’ll be able to finish the project with something remotely resembling quality work.

Maybe you dream of writing a book, someday.

Or you’d like to finish that home renovation project you started months (or years?!) ago.

Maybe you want to spend more time with your family instead of working late into the evenings because you’ve been delaying and now the deadline is ruthlessly looming.   

Whatever your reasons for overcoming procrastination, I am here to tell you that you are not alone.


I get it. I have been right there with you.

At one point when I was collaborating on a manuscript with a team, I had been waiting for my co-authors to get back to me with their parts so we could finish before the deadline. But, instead of being proactive, I waited until the last minute--which happened to come at the same time as a conference trip to the beach with my husband. While he was out enjoying the Florida sun, I was furiously typing away inside the hotel room, missing out.  

I was so upset that I had procrastinated on this paper and knew I had to break this cycle. Of course, the paper did get finished and I survived. But I wanted to thrive--and I wasn’t. 

This type of procrastination not only sabotages your ability to do your best work, but it’s also very unhealthy. As you find yourself rushed and stressed, your brain begins releasing adrenaline and other chemicals that negatively impact your entire system (sleep problems, metabolism issues, raised blood pressure, improper digestion and much more). And while your body can reasonably recover from these reactions once in a while, over the long haul it can start to take its toll on your physical, mental and emotional health.

You CAN stop procrastinating.

You CAN take control of your time.

I know it can feel overwhelming like there’s no way out of the pit. But you can do it! And I want to help you learn how.

Learning to stop procrastinating isn’t about a slick productivity tool or the newest app that you can download onto your smartphone. It’s not about another organizational system that will cure everything that ails you. It’s not even about me micromanaging you by telling you what your schedule should look like.

Instead, it is about true change. True, lasting change comes from getting to the root of the issue that keeps you stuck in the cycle of procrastination. Changing your thoughts and mindset can and will result in a difference in your actions and lifestyle.


In helping you to navigate the path to true change, I’ll guide you through a six-week process that will touch on:

  • Defining the tangible results you want to achieve in our six weeks together

  • Naming your obstacles, plus strategies and tips to overcome them

  • Understanding why your circumstances are neutral

  • Getting behind the reasons you don’t take action

  • Learning how to do a thought download

  • Discovering existing beliefs that sabotage your productivity

  • Creating feeling that fuel action

  • Learning how to get comfortable with discomfort

  • Implementing pro-activation instead of procrastination

Are you ready to stop procrastinating?

Watch my free training on how to self coach yourself through it: