How to be successful in graduate school

Hi, Caitlin Faas, your productivity navigator, excited to talk to you about how to be successful in graduate school.

The first thing is, if you're watching this video, that means you looked up something about "can I be successful in graduate school", which already means that you're amazing, right?

I want you to take a deep breath and know that you're amazing for even trying to look into this and think about it.

That’s why I'm taking this video outside. It’s a gorgeous day and I want you to look at the trees, take a deep breath, and know that it’s awesome you're looking this up.

So, how to be successful in school? This is true for a lot of different programs. I've talked to a lot of graduate students about their experiences and I've put it into an email challenge for you that I’ll share below.

A lot of the things that you need to be successful for graduate school aren’t actually the things that you think of first.

I asked dozens of past and current graduate students and said, “What do you wish you would’ve known before?” And you already know that of course work is going to be important, that you want to do well in your classes, but those weren’t the things that they wanted to you know.

Former graduate students and current graduate students say, “Oh, I really needed to have my time management system in place and I really needed to realize that I'm good enough for this program and I can do really well in this program. They accepted me for a reason.” And so many different topics like that.

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