How to Get Started on Your Next Steps

Feeling some motivation to get started on a big goal, but don't know where to start?

You're not alone this time of year. Millions of people are making new year's resolutions and trying to figure out where to begin. It's really easy to throw around big lists of goals at the beginning of the year.

Maybe some of these resolutions or goals are on your list:

  • I want to get organized.
  • I want to switch jobs or careers.
  • I want to workout consistently.
  • I want to travel more often.
  • I want to go back to school to finish that degree.

All of these types of big statements feel big and difficult to start.

Let's take the example of switching careers. If you say, "I really want to change my job." My first questions would be centered around helping you to define that goal more clearly. Why do you want to change your job? When do you want to change your job - by the end of the year or in the next month?

Asking questions about your goals helps you find clarity.

Really thinking about you want that goal or resolution to stick helps it become more important and meaningful for you. Sometimes I give up on a goal because halfway to "the finish line," I realize I didn't really want to accomplish that goal at all. Stopping to think about the goal in the first place would have helped me know why I was working towards it.

Detailed questions also help make our goals SMART. Have you heard about SMART goals yet? Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Instead of, "I want to change jobs this year," turn it into, "I want to transition into a job that pays me "X amount of money" by June 1st." The statement is no longer vague or unclear. Maybe it isn't more money that you want, but a more fulfilling career. That's why you need to the do the clarity step first to create the SMART goal.

After gaining clarity and making a SMART goal, break it down into tiny steps.

When you make a really big goal, it can quickly start to feel overwhelming. "How in the world am I going to accomplish THAT by THAT date?!" With our job example, it can seem impossible. But that's where we want to just take the next step forward to start to gain momentum.

Six months from now may feel really far away, but what about one month from now? What about next week?

What's one easy, manageable thing you can do in the next week to get closer to that goal?

Is it telling a trusted friend about your goal? I wrote about how to find someone who can help scaffold your development here.

Is it putting it on a big piece of paper to tape to your fridge so you'll see it every day? I know what you're thinking. "Oh that's WAY too easy." That's the point. It's easy. It gets you going and creates some momentum. Once you tackle a tiny step, you can create another tiny step. And keep going from there. Week by week gets easier and before you know it, you're making progress on the goal a month later, two months later, etc. 

Need more inspiration for goal setting? One of my favorite resources is the author James Clear, who has a whole page of articles dedicated to goal setting.

So where are you in the goal setting process? Making a goal, gaining clarity, or working on your tiny steps?

Tell me below in the comments or send me an email so I can help follow up!