Inspiration to Keep Going When You Want to Throw in the Towel

All this talk about the Olympics has me thinking about how much the athletes have accomplished and will accomplish during their event. It is amazing to watch their stamina and skill. Lots of people are posting about past Olympic events and the feats of accomplishment.

Have you seen this clip from Derek Redmond's 1992 race?

What pain and agony he must have felt.

Watching that clip for the first time brought tears to my eyes. First, the pain he must have experienced when his hamstring tore. Then, the pain he felt while trying to get back up and run. The emotional pain sinking in was really powerful. Can you imagine training that hard and for so long to have the chance of winning disappear in an instant?

But he got back up and finished the race.

I'm pretty sure if my hamstring tore like that in front of thousands of people and surrounded by medical care - I'd be more than happy to be taken off the track on a stretcher. "That's it! I give up!" How many times have we said that to ourselves about our goals? "I'm done!" But Derek took a few seconds and got right back up.

And he didn't finish it alone. He had support.

It was Derek's father that ran down to help him. Derek didn't have to fend off any officials - his dad did it for him. And his father talked to him as he finished. Having a support system, whoever it might be, is so crucial to finishing our goals and accomplishments. Who do you rely on for support in your life? Does it vary depending on the goal?

So the next time you're feeling like throwing in the towel and giving up...

Remember Derek Redmond. He knew he wanted to finish that race and so he did it. You can keep going with your goals too and make it happen. Build your support system and remind yourself of the reasons why you want to finish your goal. You can read more details about Derek's race here. And tell us below in the comments how his story inspired you!