My Latest List of Optimistic and Fresh Podcasts

Are you looking you for optimistic and fresh perspectives on podcasts?

Now that I have returned to the world of the smartphone (after a refreshing 18-month hiatus), I have been listening to more podcasts while I'm driving or cleaning up around the house. These podcasts are helping me stay optimistic and hopeful about the future, especially after a long day.

The Quarter Life Comeback with Bryan Teare

I wish this podcast existed when I was in my early twenties! Every week, Bryan interviews people from a variety of backgrounds about how to navigate your twenties. I find it fascinating to hear the common themes among the podcast guests. Bryan truly wants to help others on their journey and you can hear it in his voice. Okay, maybe I'm a little biased...I was a guest on the show for episode 35 - the science of emerging adulthood. I really do listen every week though and encourage you to do the same.

Finding Mastery: Conversations with Michael Gervais

This podcast was a recommendation to me by one of our university's basketball coaches. When I saw the list of guests on the show, I knew I had to catch up quickly. I love how the guests range from experts in psychology to entrepreneurs to star athletes. The list goes on. Another excellent podcast to learn life lessons from people who have achieved and mastered so much.

Pivot Podcast with Jenny Blake

I already love everything Jenny Blake writes as an author, including her two books Life After College and PIVOT: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One. The podcast really brings to life her voice and joy for helping others. Jenny openly shares her personal experiences about life, leaving Google to pursue her own dreams, and interviews many of her friends and mentors along the way.

Adulthood Made Easy by Real Simple

This is a fun podcast hosted by a 20-something living in New York - Sam Zabell. She talks about her own experiences with "adulting" and interviews guests about their life experiences. I really like the freshness of the podcast and how it ranges from lighthearted adulthood topics to serious moments of looking back. Again, another podcast I wish that existed when I was younger!

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin is quickly becoming a household name, but I started following her work in 2011 right after she released her book, The Happiness Project, one of my all-time favorite books. On the podcast, we get to hear her talk with her sister about their current, everyday challenges. It especially reminds that we all struggle along the way to becoming more productive and happier. Always an upbeat vibe on this podcast. #upholder

So what other podcasts are you listening to right now? Share below in the comments so I can check them out!