Have you ever tried mindful meditation?

Have you ever tried mindfulness meditation? I mean, really tried it? The scientific evidence is all over the news about the benefits of meditation. Meditation can help you physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally. Two of the biggest benefits are increased concentration and a healthier immune system.

And it doesn't have to involve sitting in a funny pose or a long amount of time. Just 10-15 minutes a day can be beneficial. Want to hear a reason to start? Andy Puddicombe breaks in down in one of my all time favorite TED talks.

I have been dabbling in meditation myself for about 5 years now and this summer I have committed again to 15 minutes a day. I enjoy guided meditations and have found YouTube to be helpful for finding good ones. 

Here is one that has been helping me jump start a positive beginning to my day:

One of my favorite apps that makes meditation feel like a daily 'game' is Headspace. It costs money per month, but the check in features and progress updates really kept me motivated to stick with it when I used it on my smartphone. It was created by Andy Puddicombe, the speaker I mentioned above.

So are you ready to try it? Don't save up for the perfect time to do it - just try it. Right now if you're in a quiet space. Or first thing in the morning. Anywhere that is just comfortable enough, but not too comfortable so that you fall asleep. Try it out and report back here to tell us how you felt and how you are going to stick with it!